Our privacy policy

We don’t collect your personal information without your permission, the message you submitted is kept in secret and would not be shared, you can also mail to manager@elepjhant-cnc.com to delete your message completely.

Blue Elephant is strongly committed to protect the privacy of its user and is dedicated to ensure that your search information cannot be linked back to you.

  • About the information you submitted, it is only your business contact information, may include: your name, mail, phone/Whatsapp, message;
  • We use them to start a contact with you;
  • we will not share your contact information to anyone or any company else;
  • if you want us no longer keep your contact information, pls mail manager@elephant-cnc.com;
  • If you want us no longer contact with you, pls send us a mail at manager@elephant-cnc.com;

What is “Personal Information”

Information is regarded as personal when it tells something about a human being who is or can be (uniquely) identified.
This definition stems from European law, which applies to Blue Elephant, and is intentionally broad in order to provide a high level of privacy protection.

This means, for example, that not just names and e-mail addresses can be personal information, but also numbers or other identifiers, such as your IP-address, to the extent that they link other information to a specific human being.

Email Addresses

Blue Elephant will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties.
When you send comments, questions, suggestions, or feedback to Blue Elephant via email or through our support center, and include an email address and/or contact information, Blue Elephant may use this information to respond to you. By submitting feedback you also allow us to detect which browser and operating system you are using, information that will exclusively be used for helping to better understand and solve any reported issues better. We will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties. We may, however, very occasionally send emails to our users regarding our company or machine information. This service is opt-in and you can cancel it by mail us.

Information Sharing

Blue Elephant does not share personal information with any third party, including its provider(s) of regular or sponsored search results.

Privacy: It’s not just our Policy – it’s our Mission!